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Within our time, you’ll be pressed to find something that isn’t offered online. From industrial-sized diesel generators to snippets of celebrity hair, the internet has what you’re looking for; it even has an excellent solution for short-term financial hiccups! In the market for an online loan? Janko has you covered!

We offer instant online loans from $500 – $2000. Apply any time and anywhere, and our Janko robots will have an outcome within minutes! Want to know more? Take a look below to see how it works.

Who is Janko?

We’re glad you asked! Janko is apart of a new-breed of neo-lenders within Australia. We differ from traditional lenders in the way we process applications. Forget waiting days or even hours for an outcome, Janko can process online loans within minutes, and at any time of day!

We can do this as we have developed a unique set of tools that process loan applications automatically. With the aid of machine learning, our system can retrieve all of the necessary documents, assess the applicant’s affordability and offer a tailored loan all without the need for human intervention. How cool is that?! This system allows us to offer online loans practically instantly! Need to pay that utility bill at 3-am on a Sunday? No sweat! Apply with Janko and see if we can help!

Online loans for everything!

One of the benefits of online loans with Janko is that they can be used for practically anything! If you have an expense that has popped up out of the blue, odds are, we can help! Have a look at some of the most common uses for online loans:

  • White-goods – Has your microwave cooked itself? Payday still a ways off? Online loans with Janko are perfect for covering small appliance costs.
  • Homeware – From furniture to little knick-knacks, you can use a Janko loan to pay for homewares.
  • Car Repairs – Janko online loans are perfect if you need quick cash for small car repairs and expenses.
  • Utility Bills – If an electricity, water or gas bill has snuck up on you, Janko online loans could be the solution to this short-term hiccup.

Online loans: FAQ

Document submission

One of the great benefits of online lending is automatic processing. Unlike some traditional lenders, we can automatically retrieve and process your documents, with Janko online loans. Forget about fiddling with paper bank statements; we do all of the hard work for you!

Got bad credit? Don’t sweat it!

At Janko, we have taken a different approach to bad credit. For one, we don’t conduct credit checks! Instead, we assess each applicant based on the history shown on their bank statements. This means that any past mistakes on your credit file won’t affect your online loans application! Apply for a no credit check loan today.

We are 100% online

One great thing about the Janko system is that we can offer our services completely online and at any time during the day. From document retrieval to contract signing, everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.

What about repayments?

Think our quick cash loans are simple? Well our repayment method is even simpler! If you are approved for a Janko loan, your repayments will be set to be taken via direct debit. This means the funds will be automatically taken from your account on the due date. Have an issue? Simply get in contact.

For quick and easy finance, go Janko.

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