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Ever find yourself stuck between paydays? Have a couple of bills that have popped up unexpectedly? Well, this is where Janko steps in, your small loans specialist! We offer online loans from $500 to $2000 that are paid back over 6 – 12 months. We provide loans for almost anything, such as; car repairs, utility bills, white goods, medical expenses and more! 

Better yet, our small loans service is entirely online and operates 24/7. That’s right, we can process applications on any day and at any time. That’s not even the best part, our sophisticated assessment system provides automated decisions and payouts, all within minutes. So, forget holding out till’ payday, cover those expenses now with a loan through Janko.

Small loans no credit check

One of Janko’s most attractive features is that we offer no credit check loans. This means that any lingering mistakes shown on your credit file will not affect your Janko application. Instead, our smart robots build a type of ‘in-house credit score’ based on the history shown on an applicant’s bank statements. This way, we ensure that customers are not discriminated against for mistakes they made years ago.

So, provided you manage your money well, we can still consider a small loans application, even with bad credit.

Automated outcomes

As we mentioned earlier, the Janko system can process our fast loans applications automatically. Our Janko robot does everything from retrieving documents to drafting loan offers, all within minutes. Sparing you the nerd talk, our system leverages the power of machine learning to instantly analyse an applicant’s bank statements to determine their eligibility. If approved, an electronic loan contract is sent confirming the offer. Once accepted, the funds are sent instantly* to the nominated bank account. That’s the magic of Janko! You don’t need to lift a finger to get funds in minutes!

Small loans: What can they be used for?

One of our most frequent questions is ‘what can small loans be used for?’ The thing is, they can be used for almost anything (within reason, of course). Take a look below to see some common uses for small loans through Janko:

Birthday presents – Have you forgotten a loved one’s birthday? Don’t have the cash for a present? With small loans through Janko, you could have the money in your account within minutes, saving you form leaving them empty-handed. 

Holidays – From hotel booking to spending money. If you’re ever short for cash, Janko is always in your back pocket. 

Car repairs – Care issues can leave anyone with a headache. Don’t let finances add to this pain. Apply for small loans with Janko, and we’ll sort you out.

White goods – They tend to be the last thing thought about when moving, but we all need them! Don’t go without and let Janko help with purchasing your white goods.

Furniture – Don’t settle for Grandma’s old and dusty couch, get a new one! Small loans with Janko can help finance any new furniture!

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*Only available for NPP enabled bank accounts

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